All of our ‘top tip’ resources in one place!

We understand how much teachers are expected to do within the classroom. There’s a lot of pressure on teaching staff to ensure progress, focus on data, and meet the needs of different learners – it’s no wonder we sometimes find ourselves counting down the days until half term! 

For this reason, the DYT Education team have created a bundle of ‘top tip’ sheets to help you master everything from supporting handwriting and spelling, to managing relationships with parents. We hope these resources are useful to all of our teacher friends in need of fast-acting intervention.

For many learners with literacy difficulties, mastering the skill of handwriting can be a real struggle. These top tips offer practical advice you can implement in your classroom to give your learners a helping hand.

A common feature of dyslexia and other literacy difficulties is struggling with spelling. Our top tips cover methods such as chunking, mnemonics and phonics to help learners get their head around new vocabulary.

Knowledge organisers are single page documents containing important and key information on a single subject. They’re a great tool for all ages. Used in primary school, they can be created as ‘fact sheets’ for learners to refer back to; in secondary school they make excellent revision activities. Our ‘top tips’ guide shows you how to make knowledge organisers work for each of your learners.

We know that teachers and parents need to work together; however, sometimes this relationship can be a difficult one to manage. Our top tips sheets for teachers and parents give guidance on how to approach one another, and how to communicate effectively for the best outcome for a child. 

Let us know what you think!

Thinking of trying out some of our top tips? We’d love to know how you get on. If there are any more ‘top tips’ sheets you think might be useful, let us know.

Need more resources? We’ll be launching our new resources hub very soon, along with a range of new reading, writing and communication freebies for you to try out in your classroom. 

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