At-home activities

We know how valuable it is when learners engage with reading and achieve greater understanding of texts through different approaches. Our reading, writing and drawing activities are designed to extend learning and growth beyond the classroom.

About the pack

Our At-home activity pack is home to 18 fun, print-ready writing and drawing activities. 

Designed to be used at home, each resource gets learners of all ages engaging with their reading book in a different way, helping them to develop their reading comprehension, vocabulary and writing skill.

What's included?

  • 14 writing activities
  • 4 drawing activities

Download individual activities:

  • My favourite part: Write about your favourite part of the story; what happens and why do you like it? Think about the characters and different words used to describe the storyline.

  • Write a song or rap: Write a song or rap about your favourite book. It can be about the whole story, or just your favourite character. Make sure there’s a rhyming pattern and that each line has the same number of syllables.

  • Draw a comic strip: Choose 8 key events from your book and draw a comic-book strip about them. Remember to use speech bubbles to show what’s happening! (Template included).

  • Write an acrostic poem: Write an acrostic poem about your favourite book or character. An acrostic poem is a poem where the first letter of each line spells a word.

  • Key words: Choose 8 key words that are important to your book. What do the words mean, and why do you think they’re important to the story?

  • Holiday destination: Imagine you’re telling someone to go on holiday to the place where your book is set. Describe the world it takes place in, and what makes it a good holiday destination!

  • What next?: Think about your favourite book. Summarise what has happened in the story so far, and explain what you think might happen in a sequel to the story.

  • Character profile: Write a description of the main character in your book. What do they look like? What is their personality like? Is there anything you dislike about them?

  • Write a letter: Write a letter to one of the characters in your book. What would you like to ask them? (Template included).

  • Timeline: Using pictures, explain the book’s storyline in order of events (template included).

  • Alternate ending: Write a different ending for your book. What else could have happened? How would this have affected the characters?

  • Good and bad: Write down three good things and three bad things about the main character in your book.

  • Wanted poster: Draw a ‘wanted’ poster for the protagonist (bad guy) in your reading book. Make sure you tell us what they are wanted for, and what the reward for turning them in is!

  • Beginning, middle, end: Summarise what happens in the beginning, middle and end of your reading book. You should end up with a full outline of the story.

  • Write a play: Adapt your favourite book into a play! You can either do the whole story (for shorter books), or one chapter (for longer books). Template included.

  • Book review: Write a review of the last book you finished. What do you like and dislike about it, and who would you recommend it to?

  • Alphabet adventure: For each letter of the alphabet, think of a key word from your book (template included).
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