Our mission

We believe every young person should access the highest quality education that is responsive to their literacy needs. We advocate for learners with literacy difficulties and campaign for systemic change on their behalf.

Our values

We believe that every young person in England must receive an education which is responsive to their literacy needs.

We support improvements across the education system to achieve better outcomes for young people with persistent literacy difficulties.

We campaign for recognition of the impact of literacy difficulties and advocate for the support of local, regional and national politicians.

We advocate to improve coverage of SEND in Initial Teacher Training to increase quality teaching.

“Far too many young people leave school with inadequate literacy skills. Young people with SEND make up a significant proportion of these learners. We need to invest in schools and teachers so that they become the catalyst to facilitate systemic change.”

Chris Rossiter, Driver Youth Trust CEO

Throughout their careers, teachers need to be better equipped to provide effective support to learners with persistent literacy difficulties. Just 35% of initial teacher training providers spend less than a day on how to support children who struggle with literacy on their courses. DYT provides tailored, specific and practical programmes which develop and empower teachers to meet the needs of these young people.

Our story

Driver Youth Trust (DYT) was founded by Sarah and Mark Driver in 2007. As parents of four children, three of whom are dyslexic and one fundamentally so, the Drivers have spent the past 23 years struggling with the education system.

They created a charity that would work to ensure that all children and young people in our country who struggle with literacy get the support they deserve, so that they can reach their full potential.

Ten years later, and with over 10,000 teachers trained, DYT has matured from a grant-giving fund to a national charity that develops programmes, conducts research, supports schools and influences policy. 

Transform your teaching this year

New for the 2020-21 academic year, our Professional Development webinars and workshops have been designed by subject experts in literacy difficulties and SEND.

Enhance your teaching practice and learn how to better support learners in your classroom who struggle to read and write by attending our webinar or in-person workshops. 

Perfect for teachers, TAs and school leaders alike, you’ll leave with the skills, knowledge and strategies to truly transform literacy in your school.

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