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The ability to read is a marriage of decoding and fluency, comprehension and inference. Decoding is primarily focused on in key stage one, with comprehension and inference becoming the focus and remaining so from key stage two. Some learners continue to struggle with the foundation skills of reading – this set of resources support the development of each skill, as well as introducing some techniques to further develop the art of reading.

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Decoding and fluency

This is the ability to breakdown words and develop an understanding their meaning, and to read without faltering.


Inference is what lies beneath the words – the feeling or impression the author is conveying through their word choices. 


These techniques can help learners make connections in text, understand context and use the technical language of literacy.

Discover the other ways we can transform literacy in your school with our Drive for Literacy programme.​

Our resources go hand-in-hand with our Drive for Literacy (DfL) programme, where we work in collaboration with your school to create a culture where outcomes are improved for learners with literacy difficulties.

DfL is designed to support teachers in their leadership and practice of reading, writing, and classroom communication. Our consultant teachers will develop a programme of support that is tailored to your school’s needs and context.

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