Research & Policy

Research drives our programme development, resources and campaigns, ensuring that all of our work is evidence-based.

Research reports

Our programmes and campaigns are built around the findings from our research papers. 

Over the last seven years, we have taken a deep-dive into the inclusion of SEND practice in Initial Teacher Training (The Fish in the Tree, 2013), the result of educational reforms around SEND (Joining the Dots, 2015), and assumptions around SEND and ‘being disadvantaged’ (Through the Looking Glass, 2017). 

Our new report, Hide and Seek, reflects on the recommendations of the Rose Review more than 10 years on, and questions where all the specialist dyslexia teachers promised by the government in 2010 are now.

How far we've come

We produce regular impact reports to document DYT’s achievements and how far we’ve come to reaching our mission.

Transform your teaching with DYT

New for the 2020-21 academic year, our professional development webinars, workshops and programmes have been designed by subject experts in literacy difficulties, dyslexia and SEND.

Book onto a flexible hour-long webinar this May-July, or sign up for one of our intensive and comprehensive programmes for SENCos or Literacy Leads (starting in September 2021). 

Perfect for teachers, TAs and school leaders alike, you’ll leave with the skills, knowledge and strategies to truly transform literacy in your school.

A teacher works with two early-years pupils

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