Our resources are designed to address common literacy difficulties and help teachers better support their learners. Browse through our literacy hub or find quick-fix solutions in our ‘top tips’ section.

Literacy hub


Language skills are the foundation of functional literacy and our resources help to support teachers in building these skills in the classroom. They can be tailored to any stage of education and adapted to suit your teaching style.


Competency in reading requires fluency, comprehension and inference skills. Our resources provide examples of how to explore these techniques through both discussion and written text and work as a carrying-on point from our communication resources.


A blank page can be the most daunting element of the writing process, especially for those that find writing difficult. As a skill, writing is made of four components: handwriting, planning, content creation and editing. Our resources support each of these areas.

Learning from home

Our At-home activity pack contains 18 writing and drawing activities to get learners engaging more with their reading books.

Designed to be easily shared and printed out, these activities help learners to develop their writing skill, boost their vocabulary and improve their reading comprehension and inference skills from home.

Transform your classroom

“In a busy world with a packed curriculum there is pressure to get content covered. However, we need to consider how we plan and deliver content”

Our Classroom Strategies resource is packed with advice for small, manageable adjustments you can make in your classroom to better engage learners with literacy difficulties. It’s also recently been featured in the TES article “6 ways to support pupils with literacy challenges“.

CPD on a page

Our bite-sized CPD guides provide insight into a variety of literacy techniques, supported with research and written in partnership with the Chartered College of Teaching.

Perfect to read over a cup of coffee or print out and share with colleagues, these single-page resources will support literacy in your classroom.


Our 'top tip' guides:

Transform your teaching this year

New for the 2020-21 academic year, our Professional Development webinars and workshops have been designed by subject experts in literacy difficulties and SEND.

Enhance your teaching practice and learn how to better support learners in your classroom who struggle to read and write by attending our webinar or in-person workshops. 

Perfect for teachers, TAs and school leaders alike, you’ll leave with the skills, knowledge and strategies to truly transform literacy in your school.

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