Teaching resources

Our teaching resources are designed to address common literacy and SEND access challenges, and to help teachers better support every learner in their classroom.

Teaching resources: supporting dyslexia & literacy difficulties

This collection of teaching resources focuses on learners with dyslexia or literacy difficulties who have significant barriers to reading, writing, speaking and listening. 

We’ve taken an approach that will be familiar for SENCos, and amended it to benefit both primary and secondary class teachers. Try starting with the ‘understanding dyslexia’ and ‘graduated approach’ factsheets, and then use the remaining resources to support a specific learner as necessary. 

Literacy hub

A teacher reads to her class


Language is the foundation of literacy. Our resources help to support teachers in building these skills in the classroom, and can be tailored to suit your learners & teaching style.

A group of children read with a teaching assistant


The ability to read is built upon fluency, comprehension and inference skills. Our resources explore how you can support these skills through discussion & written exercises.

A teacher works one-on-one with a pupil


Writing is made of four components: handwriting, planning, content creation and editing. Our resources support each of these areas to eliminate the fear of a blank page.

The Classrooms Strategies pack

Our Classroom Strategies pack collates DYT’s top tips for supporting learners with literacy difficulties and/or memory, attention or processing difficulties.

The pack includes strategies for making your classroom environment, lesson planning and delivery inclusive and accessible, all recommended by our expert consultant teachers.

Download the pack for free below – we’ll email you a PDF copy. 

Home learning resources (for parents & teachers!)

We’ve adapted some of our teaching resources that we think are best suited to learning outside of the classroom to help parents and teachers adjust to virtual and home-learning with ease.

Our 'top tip' guides:

Transform your teaching with DYT

New for the 2020-21 academic year, our professional development webinars, workshops and programmes have been designed by subject experts in literacy difficulties, dyslexia and SEND.

Book onto a flexible hour-long webinar this autumn, or sign up for one of our intensive and comprehensive programmes for SENCos or Literacy Leads. 

Perfect for teachers, TAs and school leaders alike, you’ll leave with the skills, knowledge and strategies to truly transform literacy in your school.

A teacher works with two early-years pupils

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