Transforming literacy in classrooms across the country

We are committed to improving the outcomes of young people with literacy difficulties and challenging the system on their behalf.

Each year our education system fails tens of thousands of children with literacy difficulties by not providing them with the support they need. Our research shows:


of all school classes have at least one learner with dyslexia.


of teachers believe that dyslexia is a useful term but have doubts about its validity.


of teachers think they should be trained in how to teach dyslexic students.

What we do

We produce research reports on key literacy and SEND issues. We use comprehensive evidence to support the resources and programmes we deliver.

Our tailored training for schools improves universal and targeted support for learners with literacy difficulties.

Our free resources cover reading, writing, communication and creative inclusion strategies for whole-school use.

Our policy work

We campaign to policymakers, championing the interests of learners with literacy difficulties, to ensure society is better aware of their nature and impact, and to ensure real change happens from the top down. 


We seek to make local, regional and national politicians understand the impact of literacy difficulties and advocate for their support. 


We attend All-Party Parliamentary Groups on dyslexia, speech and language, and literacy to ensure our message is heard.


We keep our finger on the pulse of education news and write opinion pieces on policies and reports. Read our blog for updates.

Partners and supporters

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